Wednesday, September 26

Street Teaming for Lost Highway

I've been street teaming for Lost Highway for about a month now. It's been a treat thus far! I am truly enjoying it. They have already sent me about 9 promo discs to listen to, posters to hang, stickers to give away, postcards to distribute, even some clear rolling papers to pass out. Rolling papers - what a brilliant promotional item! They have been a huge HIT here in Reno. Hi-O!

Skye is my contact at Lost Highway, she has been very helpful and extremely nice. If I need anything she is instantly on top of things and is very accessible. If you love music, have time to hang posters, and pass out stickers then I highly recommend you get into contact with Lost Highway. They treat you right. After I completed distributing my first big batch of promo merch they sent me 2 Ryan Adams records, one was orange vinyl. I almost peed! Okay I did pee, but just a little.

Here are just a few Lost Highway artists that I have had the pleasure of promoting thus far:
Ryan Adams (Easy Tiger is in the running for my top 20 of 2007)
Donavon Frankenreiter
Mary Gauthier
Golden Smog
Lyle Lovett
Fionn Regan
Lucinda Williams (West is in the running for my top 20 of 2007 as well)

For more Lost Highway artists and goodies, go here:

Tuesday, September 25

The Good Life in Reno! 10/31/07

It is my humble opinion that everyone should buy tickets for this show and spend at least a portion of you Halloween with The Good Life at Club Underground. The show has yet to be listed on Club Underground's site, but I did get a confirmation from someone on The Good Life's myspace site, that indeed they will be playing Reno on Halloween!

Their new disk is Help Wanted Nights, check it out.

Friday, September 7

As far as I’m concerned, if you don’t love this band, you’re a damned fool!!!

Okkervil River just blew my mind! I saw them at the Independent in S.F. on Wednesday night. It was, by far, the best show I have seen all year, and I’ve seen some damned good shows this year. Do yourself a favor, go buy The Stage Names, and then go buy Black Sheep Boy, and then by the rest of the back catalog. Will Sheff has an amazing voice. He writes beautiful and heartbreaking lyrics. The artwork on their albums is just as lovely as the music, done by artist William Schaff.

Here is an article with Will about performing live and how important it is to him.

Here are a few photos, and another glowing review of the S.F. show, taken by a fellow blogger at

I snapped about 10 photos all night long. They are still trapped in my camera; if any of them are decent I’ll post them here next week along with the set list I got. For now, check out these links and go listen to Okkervil River!