Wednesday, April 16

Reno Show Update ~ WOOT!

Andrew Bird will play the Grand Sierra Resort on Wednesday July 16th!

NEKO CASE will play the Hawkins Ampitheathre on Wednesday August 27th! Tickets go on sale April 21st, 9 am via the Hawkins Ampitheather website.

Calexico will play the Hawkins Ampitheathre on Sunday July 27th!
Tickets go on sale April 21st, 9 am via the Hawkins Ampitheather website.

Monday, April 14

Ani Rocked Reno!

"Good Luck" a new song, was not played. "Welcome To" was requested from the crowd and played instead.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to Righteous Babe for the photo pass!

Thursday, April 10

Hellbound Glory!

Congratulations to Leroy and one of my favorite local bands, Hellbound Glory for getting signed to Gearhead Records!

Gearhead Records has signed Reno, Nevada based country act Hellbound Glory. The band's new album Scumbag Country will be released by the label on April 29th. Label head Michelle Haunold discussed the band, an atypical signing for a label famous for garage punk music from bands like New Bomb Turks, the Hellacopters and the Hives. She stated "Some of the long-standing Gearhead fans might be a bit shocked when they hear this release, but when you really break it down, the band and their brand of outlaw country fits right in with the more aggressive punk and rock n' roll that I've released." The four piece Hellbound Glory formed in 2004 and has toured with acts like Hank III, the Supersuckers, David Allen Coe, Wayne Hancock, Heavy Trash and BR549. They've been playing in support of their self-released debut full length.

Tuesday, April 8

Ryan Adams' Blog

Check it out before it's gone. There's a video interview with Bob Mould a few posts down, funny stuff.

Thursday, April 3

RAGGED Contest

Filter Magazine and American Rag Cie are thrilled to announce the release of RAGGED Issue #4 featuring Kate Nash on the cover. Keeping with the tradition of bringing together the worlds of music and fashion through print and photography, this edition of RAGGED features cover story "Up In Arms: Kate Nash & the War on Apathy," a compelling and forthcoming Q&A with Ms. Nash. Giving a sneak peak at just a piece of her audacious interview:

"For being outspoken, I do think that I get more sh*t for it because of the way society is structured and has been for a long time. Men can drink, smoke, have sex, get old, wrinkly, fat bald and still be respected, get jobs and get wives. Women are told they have to be thin and beautiful and only then everything will be fine. If you have flab and skin and sweat and spots and just happen to get drunk and fall over and look bad in the papers, then you'll be penalized. Basically, it's f*cked."

Other features include a look into life after A Tribe Called Quest with Q-Tip, the records that inspired Switches, the unconventional allure of Grand Ole Party, playing late night favorites with Gran Ronde, the struggles of breaking bilingual barriers with Monte Negro, and a discussion on the inspiration of nature with Thrice.

Best of all, RAGGED is available for FREE download at where fans can also find music from all of the featured artists, a contest to win $500 of American Rag Cie clothing and the RAGGED blog that offers artist features, tour updates and music news.

If you want to win a prize package containing an issue of RAGGED, a Kate Nash, grand ole party and switches CD all you have to do is leave a comment with your email address on this post. I will chose a winner at random on 4/14/08.