Wednesday, February 21

Best Stop Pop

The oohlas came to Reno last Saturday night for an intimate show at the Satellite bar. I was surprised and stoked when I discovered this show was scheduled. I kept having the feeling that the show would fall through (as things at Satellite have sometimes), but it came to fruition. Yay! There were not many people in attendence. The small draw may have been a dissapointment for the band, but it was fine with me. I hate trying to navigate through Satellite when it is packed. There were numerous sound issues during the show. The vocals were very low on both mics, and Ollie could not get her mic set-up right, resulting in her continually being shocked in the lips. Ouch! Despite these technical gliches, I was not dissapointed by the summery pop-goodness that the Oohlas put forth. At one point during the set Ollie said she would give their album a solid two. I bought the CD, and would give it at least a five out of ten. A couple of us purchased some merch after the show, and met the band. All members were very friendly and sincere, and seemed appreciative that we had come to see them. Any time I meet a band that plays Reno I thank them profusely for coming to town because we do not get many quality shows here. I recommend picking-up this album if you enjoy guitar-driven pop music. It'll be a great disc to throw in the player on summer road trips.

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