Wednesday, May 2


Even thought I have seen most of these bands, I am still getting tickets to this.
Bloc Party will rule as the headliner.
QOTSA & Interpol both have new albums coming out soon and I am itching to hear the new material.
The Faint and The Lovemakers are always a dance party.
I have not seen, CSS, SSPU or the Cold War Kids and I'm overly excited to see the 3 of them.
The rest I don't really care about.
I guess seeing Social Distortion will be cool.
Sum 41 are kind of a guilty pleasure for me, so I am okay with seeing them.
The Kaiser Cheifs, Audrye Sessions, Scissors For Lefty & Every Move a Picture I am mildly curious about.
A nice warm day in the California sun, I can't wait!

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