Wednesday, December 12

Ryan Adams Winners!!

The first prize winner of the contest is Bambusa. "In My Time of Need" is a great song and I liked the way Bambusa stated that there was not an unnecessary note in the song. I gave it another listen and I could not agree more!
Bambusa said...
My favorite Ryan Adams song is "In My Time Of Need" from Heartbreaker. The production is perfect - quiet and introspective and there are no unnecessary notes to be heard. In fact, if you listen carefully, you can hear some flubbed notes. The song is timeless. It could have been written in the Oklahoma dustbowl or in the big open sky of Montana. The lyrics are heartbreaking.
My favorite lyric:"Cause when the calm comes down I take the truck on into town And buy whatever we can't seem to grow I work these hands to bleed cause I got mouths to feed And I got 15 dollars hid above the stove Will you say to me a little rains gonna come When the sky can't offer none to me Cause I will come for you When my days are through And I'll let your smile just off and carry me "
My second prize winner is Coltond, because "Rosalie Come & Go" is one that I thought no one would chose, and yet a personal favorite of mine.
coltond said...
had a hard time narrowing it down, but i'm going with "rosalie come & go."without paying attention to the lyrics, it's just a rollicking fun tune, but when you do, it's anything but... it's the juxtaposition that i dig...
I wish I had a prize for everyone that entered, but alas there were only 2. Thanks to everyone!!

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