Monday, March 3

Cursive @ Great American Music Hall

This was a much better Cursive show than the one I saw at the Fillmore in 2006. It was more intimate and Tim seems to engage more with smaller crowds. They played 6 new songs; Hips, Couldn't Love You, Let Me Up, Bedding Down, Caveman, and Going To Hell. Going to Hell really highlights Tim's voice, which I enjoy. Their new drummer is a badass!

The security people at this show were real jerks, which I have never had happen at the Great American before. They were seriously all over anyone who was taking photos. They even hassled the guy next to us in the balcony even though he had a giant yellow pass stuck to his shirt. I snapped a few, almost getting myself kicked out for doing so. One of the security guys told me it was a Noise Pop rule that there were to be no cameras whatsoever. What a crock of shit. My love for Noise Pop is seriously declining. I pulled out my phone late in the show to check the time and got tapped on the shoulder, I almost lost it. IT'S MY PHONE!

Cursive did not disappoint, and I am looking forward to their new album.
Noise Pop ~ you disappointed me for the first time this year.

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