Friday, August 29

"Stacked girls who love science, rwwarr!"

I first heard Neko Case when a friend gave me the mp3s for Canadian Amp, that was all it took, within a month I had bought up all of her releases. What a voice! I really enjoy her crooning. It reminds me of the music my grandparents used to play on the big cabinet record player.

Last night Neko played Reno for the first time ever, and I was lucky enough to be there! What a beautiful evening! Crooked Fingers opened up, but I’m sad to say I missed their set. Hopefully I can catch them again in the future.

Neko came out around 9, set up all her own guitars and them started the show off with her voice sounding perfect and it just got warmer as the night went on. Some tracks I recall: Margaret vs. Pauline, Deep Red Bells, Hold On, Hold On, That Teenage Feeling, Dirty Knife, Maybe Sparrow, Star Witness, A Widow's Toast, and John Saw That Number. Her back up singer Kelly Hogan really impressed me vocally; she and Neko sound beautiful together. There's great chemistry and stage banter between them as well. I looked Kelly up today and found out she has a couple releases out on Bloodshot Records as well. I will be ordering those ASAP!

Neko played four or five new tunes over the course of the night, which left me very excited for the release of her new cd in early 2009. More information about that can be gained here:

Go see Neko Case live!!

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