Tuesday, November 4

CONTEST - The Dears

Thanks to Tristen at Filter for helping me run this contest!
We are giving away one copy of Missiles and an exclusive 7-inch single featuring “Money Babies” and “Halfmast.” All you have to do to win is enter a comment about The Dears on this post.
A winner will be chosen by a random number generator at noon on 11/7/08.

"The Montréalers' fourth full-length album is a beautiful collection of sonic masterpieces, further affirming their foothold on the celebrated indie-rock scene they helped erect."
– Glide Magazine

"Missiles is equal parts swirling electricity and angelic chorus. Its songs start out as familiarities, but end as head trips."
– Wired

"Missiles emerges as the best album of The Dears' musical career to date."
– Revolt Media

The Dears have unveiled the first visual offering to emerge from their sonic magnum opus, Missiles. The brand new video for "Money Babies" is as thoughtful as their arrangements, touching on ever-prevalent topics like material wealth, poverty, and class division. Director Anton Josef captures the band's powerful statement in a minimalist way, allowing the music to speak for itself while forcing the viewer to stop and think. Check out the new "Money Babies"

Video: http://www.dangerbirdrecords.com/videos/watch/dears-money-babies-video

Downloadable version: http://www.dangerbirdrecords.com/public/video/TheDears_MB.mpg


Ian said...

Good band, I'd enjoy winning this.

RJ said...

Yet another fantastic band out of Montreal... must be something in the water up there...

Andrea said...

Also, I forgot to say in the post. Be sure I have a way to contact you if you win.


buck calhoun said...

i LOVE this band.

Ian said...

contact info: ian_stan3@hotmail.com

Christine said...

Lost in the Plot is one of the best songs EVER!!!

Christine said...

Christine = elcorazonsangrante@gmail.com

Fonz said...

Dears are good stuff.


Andrea said...

Thanks for playing everyone! The random number was 6, so the winner is Christine!

Keep your eyes peeled here for more fall & winter contests!