Sunday, September 13

Or, The Whale

I have finally figured out why I love this band so much - they channel Fleetwood Mac! Early Fleetwood Mac, maybe even as early as the Buckingham/Nicks album before those two even joined the Mac.

I can really hear the FWM influence on Or, The Whale's newest self titled release that Tara from Seany Records was kind enough to send me. Thanks Tara!

Perhaps it is the fact that the bass is much more out from than it was on their first album Light Poles and Pines. Maybe it is the fact that this new cd takes a more mellow approach to the tunes than their previous album did. Maybe it is the lovely vocal interplay between Alex, Lindsay, Matt, and Julie Ann. Whatever it is that makes this band feel as classic as the first (also self titled) Fleetwood Mac record and as fresh as anything else I have heard released in 2009, I can dig it ~ and you should too!

I highly recommend you order a copy of this cd from the band at their website:

The new album is streaming there, so you can listen before you buy.

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