Tuesday, January 5

First Listen: Contra by Vampire Weekend

I enjoy Vampire Weekend. A lot of people don’t. Music nerds aregenerally aligned strongly on one side of the fence or the other aboutthis band. I thoroughly enjoyed their first album; still spin itquite regularly in fact. Generally, I have trouble getting behind anover-hyped band, due to the fact that there are so many good bands outthere more deserving of attention and notoriety. Vampire Weekenddefinitely fits into the furiously over-hyped category. Even still, Ilike ‘em. Their tunes are catchy, danceable and fun. Can’t musicjust be fun sometimes?

Yeah, they sound like the Talking Heads, yeah they sound like PaulSimon, and yeah they sound like Peter Gabriel, who cares? Those aren’t bad things to mirror – in my opinion. Maybe they do come fromprivilege, does that mean you hate yourself for tapping your toes totheir tunes? I don’t get a snobby vibe from reading interviews theyhave given, they just seem like college kids experimenting with musicand enjoying the shit out of it. More power to them! More collegekids should be experimenting with African rhythms instead of havingtheir faces glued to their iphones and facebook accounts.

Hear the NPR stream here and form your own opinions about VampireWeekend and their new album Contra:

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