Friday, March 4

The Heartless Bastards kicked Reno in the teeth.

It's so rare to see a band with a female lead vocalist like Erika Wennerstrom. If her voice doesn't blow your hair back then you really need to clean the wax outta your ears.
The Heartless Bastards opened for the Drive By Truckers at the Reno Knitting Factory this past Wednesday night and if you weren't there you should be ashamed of yourself.
The band said they were trying out tunes for an album they are currently working on; I can't wait to hear it. When the guitar player handed me his set list he mentioned these were all weird working titles. The working title HYHH amuses me to no end. Come back soon, HB.

DBT pics tomorrow.


RainDogToo said...

So, is that possible track titles or album titles?

Also, how many new songs did they do and what did they sound like?

Thanks! :)

Andrea said...

These are song titles.

The new songs were very guitar heavy, and kind of mellow. Not a lot of rockers, slow heavy syrup thundering down a mountain. That's how I would describe what they sounded like.

Thanks for stopping by!

John said...

Just an FYI:

HYHH = Hold Your Head High, a track from their Mountain album. I've seen it abbreviated that way on some other setlists posted around the web.

Something Different said...

Thanks John.