Sunday, March 4

Best News Ever ~ Luscious Jackson

Brand New Album

Pledge to to be a part of the first new Luscious Jackson album in 13 years and get artwork, hangouts, music and more!

Yes, we’re back!
It’s been a while- thirteen years to be exact. You haven’t seen us since 1999’s Electric Honey. We all went off and had kids and various lives. Jill and Gabby have been making music (including two solo albums in 2007), Kate worked as a producer on the Ellen Show and Lopez Tonight, and even won an Emmy. The fun we had as a team came rushing back as we recorded our new single “Are You Ready?” (it felt like it did when we were making our first EP In Search of Manny). Just having fun, getting into the music and creating something we are excited about.
These days we are doing things in a different way- we are making a full length LP and have partnered with PledgeMusic to raise money to record and promote it. We are now a fully independent band, and we will be running the show ourselves. The new album will be full of our usual influences- hip hop, 70’s punk and soul, dance music, folk and the occasional reggae and Latin. Oh and maybe some Muzak thrown in for fun.
You can Pledge for many cool items including artwork, Skype chats, archival items and tours of NYC with the band. Take a look at what we have available in the right column here.
In reward for your pledging you’ll have access to exclusive updates and videos about what we’re doing in the studio, how things are progressing and what’s next in the process for the album.
And not only will you be getting involved with our new music by joining our Pledge campaign, but a portion of your pledge will also go to an amazing charity: Child Welfare League has been helping children in need across the US since 1920.. So needless to say, there’s lots of incredible things happening here!
We are very happy to be back in touch with our fans and we will see you at a concert soon!
Jill, Gabby and Kate

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