Monday, August 13

Heartless Bastards @ CommRow

The Heartless Bastards headlined a gig @ downtown Reno's CommRow last Saturday night.  It was as hot as Hades in there!  That was really my only complaint about the show- ridiculously sickeningly hot.  The show itself was outstanding.  It was nice to see the HB headlining, I had only seen them as an opening band before Saturday.  It was nice seeing them play a longer set.  I love this unpretentious band; they rock my socks off!  The new album Arrow is an excellent album, but I most enjoy their harder rocking 2009 album The Mountain.  If you are not familiar with this band yet I urge you to check them out.  Erika's low smooth voice will grab you and pull you in close for a kiss just before she kicks your teeth out with her mean guitar.  Bravo CommRow, you are bringing some kick ass shows to Reno.

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