Saturday, September 29

PEACHES @ CommRow ~ 9/27/12


So many photos, so much fun!
This is my 5th time seeing Peaches and she reinvents her show every time I see her.
There is always something new and surprising at a Peaches show.
Her theatrics are the best.

Doll head nipples on her tittie shoulder pads.
Grinder girl.
Fake Blood.
Sexy lady dancers.
Creepy Masks.
Free Pussy Riot!
Champagne showers.

She has endless energy and is completely passionate about her stage presence and show.

My favorite moment of the evening is when the Peach did a cover of Tina Turner's "Private Dancer".

Thanks to CommRow for bringing the Peach back to town.


Ashley Mattinson said...

I was at that show too! Actually, you have a picture of me ha! The only fan photo you have on this blog, I'm the girl in the skeleton shirt!... HARDCORE!XXX

Something Different said...

Ashley! Awesome! So glad I decided to include that photo & thanks for stopping by.