Wednesday, February 6

My Top 10 Shows of 2007

1 ~ Okkervil River @ The Independent, San Francisco. 9/5/07
Passion is where it’s at where live music, and pretty much everything else, is concerned. It is way better to attend a show where the artist is passionately delivering their songs to you while totally engaged with the music and the crowd than to be at a show where the lead singer is detachedly strumming away at the songs you love. (Jay Farrar, I’m thinking of you here.) Will Sheff is the passionate guy jumping around, screaming at the top of his lungs, telling jokes about their performance on late-night TV with Jeff Goldblum, stripping his clothes off, and all of this while delivering some of the most compelling lyrics in contemporary music. This show was definitely the highlight of my concert season!
2 ~ Snowden @ the Independent for Noise Pop, SF. 3/2/07
I love Anti-Anti and was super stoked to see them live, despite them having the opening slot. Jordan and company delivered live, the songs sounded crisp and even better live than on disc! I remember the crowd being a little lame at this show. They didn’t seem to know the music or care much about Snowden. La, Wes, and I were all thrilled to be there, especially since the band put us on their guest list! Read more about that here …
3 ~ Of Montreal @ Sacramento State College. 2/12/07
Their live show is nothing if not a good time; I seriously recommend seeing them if you are into their music at all. You won’t be disappointed! The venue was weird; a room on a college campus, but it was small, so I guess I shouldn’t complain. We were a little concerned the stage lights might fall on us in the middle of the show when everyone was dancing and jumping, but alas, we were not killed. I guess getting crushed while at an Of Montreal show wouldn’t be the worst way to go. Highlights of the evening for me were: the cover of “Moonage Daydream”, Kevin’s costume changes, and of course hearing “Heimdalsgate Like a Promethean Curse” live.
4 ~ The National & St. Vincent @ The Grand Ballroom, SF. 9/29/07
I fell in love with the National after I picked up Alligator, which is a brilliant album, and I wasn’t really expecting them to make a better record. When Boxer came out my mind was officially blown. Their live show was tight and lovely, even in the Grand Ballroom. I read some complaints on other blogs that the sound at their last SF show was better, could be. I was just happy to be there to hear them perform those tunes live.
5 ~ Lucero & Bobby Bare Jr. at Slims, SF. 10/19/07
Lucero has officially taken over my “favorite band to see live” spot. They are just a kick-ass live band. I could never get tired of Ben’s whiskey soaked vocals. The crowd was wild and crazy as it should be; this show was a rockin’ good time. I got some great pictures, and we got to meet both bands after the show; it could not have been better. Bobby Bare Jr. also helped move this show so high on my list. He is a talented songwriter and I love the way he delivers his vocals. He has a tenor saxophonist in his band; I love that sound. If you don’t have Bobby’s Latest cd, The Longest Meow, I suggest you go buy it, today!
6 ~ The Beastie Boys at The Greek, Berkeley, CA. 8/25/07
This show was half traditional Beastie jams, and half tunes from their instrumental cd. If it would have been all Beasties rappin’ the whole time I might have danced myself to death. I enjoyed getting to see the boys jam on their instruments in between the oldies but goodies. Their stage show was great with a lot of cameras with effects on them being projected onto screens. They also had a huge Calder-esque mobile above the whole stage that could show videos or be lit up in colors. It was the complete package live, and a really fun time. I hope to see them put out a dvd of this tour. Seeing this show at the Greek was perfect: outdoors on a summer evening with the Beastie Boys - priceless!
7 ~ Daniel Johnston at Bimbo’s, SF. 8/22/07
I never thought I’d see Daniel live, and now that I have all I can say is - Wow! What a complex and amazing talent. I spent the first part of the show feeling very nervous because it seemed like Daniel was very nervous, but as he got a few songs in he seemed to get a little less anxious; he even told a couple of jokes and recounted a dream he had the night before. Lara got to meet him after the show, and she got her show poster signed by him. He was very polite and genuine. What a night.
8 ~ The Arcade Fire & Electrelane at The Greek, Berkeley, CA. 6/2/07
What a compelling stage show! There were cameras all along the front of the stage so that all of the members could be filmed and projected onto other areas of the stage. There was a lot going on up there with the projections and such a large band. The music was stellar, of course. I really enjoy seeing bands at the Greek, because it’s a big venue that feels like a small one. It was nice to catch Electrelane before they called it quits.
9 ~ They Might Be Giants at Empire Events Center, Sacramento, CA. 9/28/07
This was my second time seeing TMBG, and this time was a better experience for me. We were about 6 rows back from the stage on Linell’s side and could see and hear everything wonderfully. I have said it before and I’ll say it again, the Johns rule! I really enjoyed The Else, and had a fun time at this show. I dare anyone to come out of a TMBG show in a bad mood; I don’t think it can’t be done!
10 ~ Morrissey at the Nugget’s celebrity showroom, Reno. 4/28/07
I was never a Smith’s fan, and absolutely loathed Morrissey when I was young metal head. Actually, I think I just loathed the Smith’s fans; I never really gave the music a chance. Too busy with my Black Sabbath, since then though, I’ve learned to love Moz’s powdery voice, his sharp wit, and his songwriting. The tickets to this show cost me my last remaining viable egg, but it was well worth it. What a showman! I became a little infatuated with the man’s music after this show, and I bought up all the Morrissey solo discs I could find. I’m glad I got to see him perform live. Sure it was not in his heyday as a Smith or a skinny, sassy, young bastard, but it was still a damned good show.

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