Thursday, March 8

Snowden @ Noise Pop 3/2/07

What a great show! I am so glad we decided to take the trip!

The three of us got in on the guest list with no snags...we even were given wristbands that gave us access to the balcony area. We had not been in the balcony of the Independent before...It is small, but has a damn fine view! We missed Death of a Party due to parking issues, and taking time for dinner. Herbivore just across the street serves some delicious vegan fare by the way! Malajube was not really for me and all I have to say about that. We easily made our way up the the front (stage left) while Snowden set-up. This band did not disappoint! Their sound was crisp and lovely... Jordan has such a sensual sway to his playing, and Corrine is also very physically engaged rather she is on keys or bass...they both have a wonderful stage presence.
After Snowden played we grabbed some fresh icy Red Stripes, and headed back to the balcony to watch Autolux. They played a fair set, but I was still basking in the glow of Snowden, and wishing they were still playing. The guitar player's amp blew about 3/4 of the way through their set, and there was a 15 minute plus wait in switching it out...much too long. Where was Jeremy from "Shopgirl" when we needed him!!! Overall I enjoyed the show immensely. I wish Snowden could have played a longer set, and I wish the crowd had been a bit more responsive to them. I presume most of the audience was there to see Autolux though. I was there to see Snowden, and I cannot wait to see them headline a show.

When the show was over I approached Corinne, and asked her to "Please thank Jordan for us again!" She was kind enough to offer to go out to their van, get a poster for me, and before giving it to me go around and have other band members sign it. Seriously, can this band get any nicer?!? Lara even got a hug from her...just for being cute I think! :)

Once again, Thanks to Snowden! I hope they make it around to the West Coast again soon.

Side note: It looks like they are doing a couple lounge acts for WOXY soon. I am looking forward to that!


Anonymous said...

if you happen to know the setlist for autolux then i would really like it if you could kindly e-mail it to me on


Big A said...

Sorry Anon, I did not get or write down any sets from that show.

I will check my photo log; I think I may have a couple okay photos of Autolux. I'll email them if I do.

Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

cheers mate. was a good set.