Thursday, March 1

Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!

One of my favorite bands from last year has just done something uber cool! Jordan Jeffares of the band Snowden has just agreed to give me a few of his guest list spots for the sold out Noise Pop show in SF tomorrow night!! Unbelievably cool, right!?!

I waited too long to get my tickets to the show, when I finally went to buy them they were SOLD OUT! I was so bummed that I got desperate. I had emailed Jordan before about possibly getting some Snowden stickers to paste all over my sketchbooks. He was very responsive and cool about that, so I thought I’d give the guest list spots a chance. He came through!! Can you tell I am very excited? Beaming in fact!

Thus we will be driving to SF tomorrow to see Snowden and Autolux. Thanks Jordan and Snowden for making this Reno music lover very happy! I will of course blog all about the show once we get back.

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