Monday, January 12

Giveaway # 3: Saddle Creek Records!

In order to win these 2 promo CDs released by Saddle Creek in 2008, 5 stickers and 1 SC magnet all you have to do is tell me your favorite Saddle Creek band in the comments section. All entries will go into a hat and a winner will be drawn this Thursday.
Good luck and thanks to C.J. at Saddle Creek for sending this package of goodies!


Ian said...

I'll go with Bright Eyes although I love Saddle Creek as a whole.

Andrea said...

Thanks Ian, so far it looks like you are a shoe in!

interior_decor said...

Not so fast Ian ;)

I'm a huge Oberst fan, so I'm gonna have to go with Bright Eyes.

Andrea said...

interior_decor is the winner! Getting in an entry just under the wire and snatching the Saddle Creek Goodies away from Ian. Thanks for playing, both of you!