Thursday, January 22

Noble Beast / Useless Creatures

The first great release of 2009 has arrived! Andrew Bird delivers another masterpiece, this time as a beautiful two cd set. Noble Beast is just what you would hope it to be, a layered and lush set of 14 new tracks.
Bird is the word!
The illustration artwork on this two cd set is done by Diana Sudyka and it really makes for a handsome package. If you are an Andrew fan don't skimp on this one, splurge for the two disc set, you won't be disappointed. I was just going to buy the regular cd, not being much for instrumental numbers. I am VERY glad I went big. Useless Creatures is a lovely cd that really fleshes out this release from Bird nicely. Not to mention that Glen Kotche is behind the kit on Useless Creatures, that man is king of the kit!
The track "Hot Math" is a barn burner! It is my favorite song on the set after about 3 spins. How is it possible that a self professed lyrics freak like myself is choosing an instrumental song as a favorite? Go pick this set up and you will find out!
The Bird mans got an all new web site too, peep it.

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