Wednesday, August 5

This Saturday

I am looking forward to this show IN RENO(!!!) on Saturday. I have missed John Doe in the past when he has come through Reno and just recently missed Richmond Fontaine open for M. Ward in Oakland, so this show is perfect!

I am also very hopeful and excited about this new Gallatin Road Productions, they have a burb on their site that is quite tantalizing ...

"The Extradition concert is just a start for Gallatin Road Productions, one that we're hoping will lead to a full summer concert series and a music festival bringing the most creative, expressive and exciting alternative country acts to Reno."

Yes, bring it on! This combined with the news that The Knitting Factory may be opening a venue in Reno is very promising.

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LPP said...

That is so exciting! Thank goodness I found out about this show before it was in the past. Two really wonderful bands - I mean I love X, but I can't get enough of this new John Doe & the Sadies disc! And...the rare treat of Willie V. playing his hometown...does summer music get any better? Not really.