Monday, August 10

Willy Vlautin at the Studio on 4th St.

Willy Vlautin played an intimate set at the Studio on 4th Friday night, it was a benefit show for Reno mayoral hopeful Caleb Cage. Willy and Dan Eccles, guitar player from Richmond Fontaine, played 12 songs to a crowd of about 75 and they sounded lovely and warm. This show was a perfect appetizer for Saturday's full Richmond Fontaine set.
Thanks to Kathy from Gallatin Road Productions for inviting us to this show. It was a pleasure to hear a few of the Richmond Fontaine tunes stripped down to just guitars. We got to chat with Willy and Sean from the band after the set, they are really nice fellas. Hey Willy and crew - don't wait so long to come back to Reno!

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