Friday, November 16


Have you been enjoying Cadillac commercials lately? I have, know why? Hum! If you don't know about Hum you really should look into them.

What do you think about your beloved music popping up in commercials? Usually it makes me want to hurl, but the Cadillac commercial I don't mind. I don't mind Wilco's collaboration with VW. I loathe the fact that The Cure is now synonymous with HP. I also loathe that Taco Bell commercial with Modern English's I Melt With You in it. Horrid.

I guess that means I am on the fence about this issue. If the commercial is well done, and the band is down with it then I respect their decision. If it's a great song being played while someone is stuffing a burrito in their face, no. Hell no!

I am glad Band of Horses has decided not to collaborate with Wal-Mart, but that is just because I don't like Wal-Mart. Read more on that here ...

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