Friday, November 30

ORKL 2007 Holiday Giveaway # 1 - Ryan Adams

I am very excited to announce that Lost Highway Records has graciously provided me with a few items from their catalog to giveaway for the Holiday season. Yay!! Thank you Skye!

I see so many other bloggers out there giving away cool prizes, so I hit a few people up and they have been more than generous! This is just the first of several giveaways to come here on One Really Killer Line.

For this giveaway tell me what your favorite Ryan Adams solo or Ryan Adams and the Cardinals song is and why. I have several favorites myself, but this time I'm gonna stop typing and let you sing Ryan's praise. Leave a comment between now and Dec. 12th. I will make a decision on the 12th, pick my top two favorite comments and get the items mailed out in time for Christmas!!

First Prize: Ryan Adams & The Cardinals Easy Tiger LP printed on ORANGE vinyl!!

How lovely is that?!?

Track Listing

1. Goodnight Rose
2. Two
3. Everybody Knows
4. Halloween Head
5. Oh My God, Whatever, Etc.
6. Tears Of Gold
7. The Sun Also Sets
8. Off Broadway
9. Pearls On A String
10. Rip Off
11. Two Hearts
12. These Girls
13. I Taught Myself How To Grow Old

Plus you will get a CD copy of Ryan's Latest release Follow the Lights on CD and a DVD of Ryan Videos!!
Runner Up: Follow the Lights LP, Easy Tiger full length CD:

Lost Highway link to the album Easy Tiger.
Lost Highway link to the album Follow the Lights.


Andrea said...

Don't forget to leave a way for me to contact you if you win!

Anonymous said...

So many good songs, but I have to go with "Let It Ride" off Cold Roses. The album itself is aces, but I love the rolling feeling of this song in particular. Also, he references the Cumberland River in the lyrics to the song and I grew up on the banks of said river in Clarksville, TN, so I get warm fuzzies whenever I hear that line! :)

- Hemal (hemal [at] bu [dot] edu)

Nick said...

My favorite Ryan Adams song is "Hotel Chelsea Nights" because it's such a good cover of "Purple Rain" without being one. ;-)

Scott said...

"I miss Kentucky and I miss my family, oh the sweetest winds they blow across the south."

He couldn't be more right....

It reminds me of the stoned spring nights spent camping with buddies at the Red River Gorge in Central KY. Those were the days....

I love this lyric because of the nostalgic feeling I get when I hear it. I moved away from Kentucky in 2005 to St Louis and now I reside in Tuscaloosa, AL.

I'd give it all up in a minute to go back....

besslers (at) gmail (dot) com

Bambusa said...

My favorite Ryan Adams song is "In My Time Of Need" from Heartbreaker. The production is perfect - quiet and introspective and there are no unnecessary notes to be heard. In fact, if you listen carefully, you can hear some flubbed notes.

The song is timeless. It could have been written in the Oklahoma dustbowl or in the big open sky of Montana. The lyrics are heartbreaking. My favorite lyric:

"Cause when the calm comes down
I take the truck on into town
And buy whatever we can't seem to grow
I work these hands to bleed cause I got mouths to feed
And I got 15 dollars hid above the stove

Will you say to me a little rains gonna come
When the sky can't offer none to me
Cause I will come for you
When my days are through
And I'll let your smile just off and carry me "



coltond said...

had a hard time narrowing it down, but i'm going with "rosalie come & go."

without paying attention to the lyrics, it's just a rollicking fun tune, but when you do, it's anything but... it's the juxtaposition that i dig...

you can always contact me at

RoseAnn said...

I think it's Call me on your way back home, but I can't be sure because I haven't found out which one he wrote about me, yet. Of course all of the "Roses" references could be about me...

I jest!

Rose Ann
rahockett (at) gmail (dot) com

Matt said...

My favorite is Come Pick Me Up from Heartbreaker. I sometimes find the chorus amusing and sometimes provoking. I like the harmonica and the meandering sort-of melody arrangement. There is a sullen, yet refreshing frankness in the song as a whole. That is why I keep returning to it.

"With a smile on your face,
And then do it again"

Thanks, mfelten[at]gmail[dot]com