Friday, October 5

José González

I caught José González performing on Conan last week, go to YouTube, I'm sure it's there. I have to say I was sorely disappointed. Maybe it was the girl singing and (mis) clapping along with him in the most disengaged manner that ruined it for me. I was quite surprised by how much I disliked the performance. I have enjoyed his music since I first heard Veneer. His guitar playing can be astoundingly beautiful at times, and I am generally a fan of the singer-songwriter "quiet is the new loud" folk musician type, but found his live performance to be horribly boring!

Some pals of mine are going to see him at the GAMH later this month, they are the ones who turned me on to him, I am very eager to hear their take on his live set. Sitting through an hour and a half to 2 hours of what I saw on Conan makes me want to curl up for a long winters nap. No sir, I didn't like it, and I am glad we decided not to attend this show.

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