Monday, October 1

They Might Be Giants

There is no "might be" about it, they ARE giants!
They played a great set that put me in a fantastic mood. I'd like to see someone go to a TMBG show and come out in a bad mood. Impossible!
Two tidbits I didn't know before the show. #1 ... The new record is a collab with the Dust Brothers, makes sense when I listen to it after knowing that. #2 ... That song New York City is a cover of a Cub song. Who knew?
The new record is a gem, the art work is superb!
They were selling the vinyl copy of the new album autographed by the whole band. Very clever idea to get folks to buy that format. It worked on me, not like I am a hard sell though.
If TMBG are coming to your town soon, do yourself a favor ... GO!
The Johns rule!


Pinkminx said...

I second these opinions!
Best time ever, man.
Apparently, me friend's son is driving her crazy with his obsessive listening to his new "Here Come The ABC's" cd that I got him at this show. HILARIOUS and AWESOME!

DominEl said...

I was at that show!

I even got Linny's setlist.