Wednesday, October 10

Sea Wolf ~ Leaves in the River

I received a copy of the new Sea Wolf cd Leaves in the River in my mailbox yesterday, a big thank you to Tristen at Filter! I’ve given the disc a few spins now, and am thoroughly enjoying it. It is more of an evening time cold weather cd than a background noise at work cd, but even hearing it on the computer at work has been a pleasure. I am looking forward to hearing it with headphones, as it sounds very layered and intricate with many textures that computer speakers are not doing justice. I quickly fall for vivid lyrics and Alex Brown Church is a masterful lyricist. Throw in the lovely sounds of the cello and accordion, and you’ve hooked me. I have only one critique of the lyrics so far, in the track Song for the Dead the rhyming of thicket and cricket kind of makes me chuckle, forced rhyming is one of my least favorite lyrical tricks. Other than the one lyrical hiccup the lyrics set an enticing blustery fall scene, and bravo to whoever chose October to release this cd.

I enjoy the imagery Church creates in the title track, Leaves in the River, listening to it during a midday lull whisks me out of my stuffy office. It takes me to my house, just past dusk, I start out my front door bundled up in my big coat, three warm and wooly scarves, and I start down my street with leaves rustling at my feet. I’m headed to get a nice hot cup of coffee at a local shop where the windows are fogging up, and this song is the perfect soundtrack for my walk. Any cd that can transport me out of my work environment into a joyful fall evening is a winner in my book. I look forward to spending more time with this cd on many wintry nights to come.

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